Programm 2007 - 2013

Aim and tasks of the 2007-2013 Road Traffic Safety Programme in Latvia

The programme surveys two possible scenarios for the development of the situation:

  • The pessimistic scenario  predicts that the number of killed will continue to reduce approximately by 1-3% every year in comparison with the indices of the year before;
  • The optimistic scenario corresponds to the declared aim of European Union – till 2010 to halve the number of killed in road accidents in comparison with 2001

The aim of the programme is to achieve the reduction of number of killed in road traffic accidents by 70% till 2013 in comparison with 2001. The interim goal considering the policy of European Union is to reduce the number of killed by 50% till 2010.

To achieve the aim, several problems must be solved, which have an essential impact on road traffic safety:

  • Ensuring the safety of vulnerable road users;
  • Raising of the level of safety for children in road traffic;
  • Ensuring  the keeping of safe driving speed for vehicles;
  • Extermination of driving under the influence of alcohol;
  • Reduction of driving in fatigue;
  • Reduction of the level of severity of road traffic accidents;
  • To promote involving of public in the solution of the problems of road traffic safety;
  • To carry out regular measures those ensure operation of road traffic in compliance with traffic safety demands. More>>


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