Institutional Organisation of Road Safety

Road safety at national level at the present moment is the responsibility of the Minister of Transport who is the Chairman of National Road Safety Council. The Council includes representatives from other ministries and interested organisations and acts as an advisory body on state policy on road safety and on the coordination of road safety activities.
Responsibility for road safety at national level is the following:
Ministry of Transport (

  • Latvian state roads ( is responsible for state roads.
  • Road Traffic Safety Directorate ( is responsible for vehicle registration, vehicle technical inspection, driver training and testing, the information and awareness raising campaigns, road audit, maintenance of Informative system of the road traffic safety.

Ministry of Interior (

  • State Police (Road Police is part of State police) ( ) is responsible for control of violations of road users and also for reporting and investigation of accidents.
  • State Firefighting and Rescue Service ( is responsible for taking part and coordination of rescue work on the scene of accident.

Ministry of Education and Science ( is responsible for children education at schools and pre-schools.
Ministry of Health ( is responsible for the first aid and care of injured.

  • The Centre of Emergency and Disaster Medicine ( is responsible for the first aid, as well as for teaching of the first aid.

Local Authorities of Municipalities are responsible for county and local roads.

    • The Traffic Department of Riga ( is responsible for road traffic safety in Riga – the capital of Latvia.


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