Development of the chapter “Actual situation in road traffic safety and possible solutions for the problem of traffic jams in Riga” within the “Conception for the development of streets, traffic engineering and traffic management in Riga for the years 2008-2018”.

The evaluation of the results of “The 2000-2006 National Road Traffic Safety Programme in Latvia”.

Project “Summary and Publication of best Practices in Road Safety in the Member States of the European Union and in Norway and Switzerland” funded by the European Commission.

Within the framework of project “The safe road to school” created a book for Latvia “Road safety patrol handbook” (in Latvian)

Country Profiles on Road Safety for Latvia

Long term research of using of seat belts and helmets in Latvia

Prepared the analysis and estimation of road safety in specified road stretches

Prepared and delivered a lecture “Road traffic safety and tendencies of accident statistics” for drivers’ training instructors

Prepared and delivered a lecture “Road Traffic Safety – statistic of accidents, their causes and consequences” for drivers of cargo transport

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